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Hello Travellers/Travelers depending on how you prefer to spell it. I’ve spent more than 3years in and out of Dubai. I’m coming up with a long detailed list of things to do in Dubai, restaurants, beaches, work, life, and everything you need to know about the place. For now, let’s take a look at one of the nice beach clubs called Zero Gravity. This was one of the best Beach Clubs with pool access. I will write less and share more images.

Reasons to love it

  1. The Infinity Pool – If you take a look at the pictures, the pool is breathtaking. I love any infinity pool 
  2. The Dubai Marina Beach access – You can access Dubai Marina Beach.
  3. You can charge your phone – I love taking pictures with my phone and the fact that they have a dedicated phone charging corner impressed me
  4. The ladies washroom – My one photo is not doing justice to the lovely ladies washroom. You can dry your hair after a long day at the pool, flat-iron it and seat at the make up corner to get ready for the night
  5. The food – I love their Pizza but I’ll leave this up to you to judge when you get there
  6. Saturday live Music with Adam – My favourite day in Zero gravity. Since Saturday is like Sunday in Dubai, Zero Gravity is chilled and you get lovely live Music from an Amazing musician called Adam Baluch
  7. Kids are allowed until 9pm – I’m a mother and so I like places where I can show up with my baby and I won’t be thrown out. They allow kids till 9pm which is reasonable. And if you’re worried that the kids will be in your face, worry not cause the place is so huge you can move away from annoying kids 
  8. Events – Some of the big events are in this place. The one I attended was Dj Tiesto
  9. Watersports – They have Jet Skiing, Flyboarding, Water Bike
  10. Friendly staff

Reasons you might not like it

We found their service extremely slow. It takes too long before a waiter/waitress attends to you and it even takes longer to get what you ordered. We didn’t mind cause the view was amazing and We were busy taking pictures but if you’re the type of person who can’t stand slow service, you might be upset (unless they have changed)

Enjoy the photos and don’t forget to leave a comment below.

I think this should be my signature jump
Dancers in the middle of the pool
Saturdays with Adam
The ladies washroom
Jetovator flying water bike
Mentally preparing for Flyboarding


The pool 👙

image image  image image image image

I was a guest at Zero gravity Dubai but the opinions are my own.

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  1. Really beautiful pictures… The infinity pool looks so awesome… I wouldn’t mind staying inside the pool for hours! By the way, your post makes Dubai sounds even more fascinating. You are giving me high travel goals. <3..

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