YEMA fashionable sportswear

Have you seen the new fashionable sportswear painting the gyms and workout areas in 2017? YEMA sportswear caught my attention because of the colors, design, and the fabric.

The founder of YEMA is a young guy who grew up in Kibera slums (the largest slum in Africa) in Nairobi Kenya. We clicked immediately because that’s where I was born and spent a few years of my life. Besides chatting about where exactly in Kibera we both lived, I found out that Yema Calif donates US$5 of every purchase to Road to Freedom Scholarships (RFS), an organisation that  is educating and empowering girls in Kibera slums. It’s RFS that made it possible for YEMA to study Communications and Media at Dominican University of California.

DISCOUNT, DISCOUNT, DISCOUNT!!! Use the code thischicafrican20 to get 20% off anything you buy from How cools is that? So besides feeling awesome about helping a kid, you also get a discount on your purchase.


  1. Each purchase you make will help support kids in need.
  2. The sports bras 4-way stretch helps you train, run, yoga with ease.
  3. The tights will make you look great while you enjoy your work out
  4. It’s affordable
  5. Comes in different sizes and suits all body types

For detailed information and purchases, visit Don’t forget your discount code thischicafrican20.

I love you for checking 

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Yemacalif LLC. However, the thoughts are my own and I only review brands I personally believe are good.


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