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Latest recommended wine opener Coravin

And the travel experience continues 

So I’ve been trying out a lot of restaurants lately. Since I know I’m a hungry traveler, I had to search for a nice and quiet restaurant where I can take someone special for dinner and also pass-by to grab casual lunch on my way to or from my random walks.

I Stumbled upon this amazing hidden gem. Bianco e Nero Restaurant in Florentinum, Atrium paláce Florentinum, just 3 minutes walk from florence metro station. The location is quite strategic because it’s away from the crowd.

One of the cleanest restaurants in Prague with amazing interior decor. They pay very close attention to details.

Cuisine – Italian Mediterranean.

They have a dedicated Sommelier Vasek who will come to your table and advice you on which wine to pair with your meal. If you have a genuine taste in good food and wine, this is the place for you.

Vasek- Head Sommelier
Vasek- Head Sommelier loving his wine opener Coravin

There’s two-part concept, Bianco and Nero…. Bianco is fine dinning and Nero is the relaxed part. The restaurant is mostly busy during the day which gives you and your loved one/ones plenty of room for lovely dinner.

IMG_1315 (1)image DSCN2408 DSCN2434


I had the prawns as a starter

2015 PHOTOONE® - 045

Salmon with healthy boiled veggies for my main course


Strawberry sorbet for desert


One of the things I loved about this place is the open Kitchen concept. You can literally see how the chefs prepare your meal. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about the smell because there’s a clear thick glass partition

The chefs
Chef at work

Chef Alex

image image DSCN2432

It’s a pity I visited in winter because in summer you can have your meal outside if you wish.DSCN2448

They only select the best and unique wine so be prepared to dig a little deeper into your pocket if you love good wine.

Disclaimer: I was hosted by Bianco e nero restaurant but the opinions are my own.

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25 thoughts on “Review: Where to eat in Prague

  1. This definitely looks like a good recommendation. From the dedicated Sommelier Vasek to those prawns this restaurant looks to be a winner. I like places that show the kitchen and everything going on. It’s good they have a glass partition as well so as not to affect the mood.

  2. This is great place to Eat! Me and my hubby spotted this new modern place when going to hotel from business conference we attended. It is great place to eat especially if you like chicken nuggets?

  3. Ohhh gosh this looks AMAAAAAAAAAZING………… you captured the details so well hun and the meal you ordered looks so yummy had like a gazillion #slurp moments. I am obsessed with the lighting and decor….. would definitely dig into my savings for a meal here…. Looks like more of an experience other than just a normal meal lol

  4. I love eating and trying out different restaurants and cuisine. This restaurant looks amazing especially the ambience and layout. The prawns look delicious.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

  5. Those prawns look divine. Good job with all the photos, visual aid makes everything more captivating, especially with food and the great presentation of it by these amazing chefs! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Wow this place Looks so great! As an Italian I don’t agree with the white/red wine opinion that you mention but I must admit I have a South Italy wine attitude where you match wine with what you eat and there are dozens of matching possibilities. They all look very professional and the place so cozy!
    I will go there in my next travel to Prague!

  7. The prawns and sorbet look absolutely divine! I love the layout of this place. So minimal and modern, the focus and colour really comes from the food that is served. I’ve got an inkling for a glass of wine, now. Thanks for the wonderful recommendation! 😉

  8. WOW! So this restaurant looks amazing. It’s so chic and cute inside, and I too love that you can SEE the chefs preparing your meal. It’s just more authentic that way, I think. Thanks for sharing!

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