Tied waist Gingham or Paperbag waist pants

It’s been another long snooze here cause I’ve been trying to work and travel as much as I can over summer. Hey! are you a fan of Tied waist Gingham or Paperbag waist style? I personally love it. I actually have a feeling I’ll be sticking with this style like skinny jeans.

I found another online shopping site called NA-KD.com. A good number of my recent looks will be coming from this website. You can get 20% off anything from their website by using the code africanchic20.

I got mine in plaid cause I can style it in so many ways. Other colors are available on NA-KD.com with the code africanchic20 for your discount when checking out.

My t-shirt is from shein.com


Use the code africanchic20 for 20% off on any item from NA-KD.com

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. However, I only share what I have personally tried and believe is best in my opinion.

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