T-Shirt Outfit

Hello again fashion and travel lovers. It’s been a T-Shirt Outfit kind of month for me. I’m wearing T-shirts to the office from Monday to Friday, T-shirts to bed, T-shirts to the shop, T-shirts everywhere so I decided to Chic up my T-Shirt Outfit madness with some nice printed ones.

They are less than $15 you guys and they ship worldwide. You can grab yours from Affordable classy T-shirts or Outfitdiscounts.com

My Tied waist Gingham shorts are from stylishshorts

My shoes are from ccc.eu

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links and free items in exchange for a review. However, I only share what I have personally tried and believe is best in my opinion.

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17 thoughts on “T-Shirt Outfit

  1. I love t-shirts coz its more comfortable, and you can design it freely. You did freat on styling your top!

  2. I am really loving that pants, and the way you styled with boots! I think it would be perfect in Houston as it’s not as cold as other cities. The look is super cute!

  3. Nothing wrong with a T-shirt kind of month. I roll that way too from time to time. I love how you dressed it up. It would be cool if you created a blog post showing different ways to dress up a cute T-shirt. I’d love the inspiration!

  4. I love T-shirts, but I prefer plain version (not a fan of prints or “funny” words written on them). T-shirts are very versatile, – especially a white one,- depending on what you’re combining the piece with, it can look sporty or even elegant. These short are looking awesome on you, you have wonderful legs!

  5. I love t-shirts, I live in them. I either dress them up or down depending on where I am going. I love the T-shirt with the black shorts and boots.

  6. Loved those boots with heel, they so perfectly matched your shorts with white tee. Great style sense for sure, but now we are having winters, so I guess, I’ll need to pair it up with a long coat

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