Spring Outfit

Don’t you just love it when the weather is beautiful 😃 This is the first time I spent the whole winter in Europe.

I always find a reason to run away right before winter. This time I had to stay and work my ass off for the next trip (yup I’m not rich, 😅 I work, travel, repeat)

We survived the cold and it’s finally time to enjoy the heavenly weather.

My first spring look is this Crew Neck striped dress from Romwe.com If you’re looking for a comfortable laid back dress with a soft fabric that’s perfect for this weather, then this is the best dress for you.

I paired it with my old Zara denim shirtdress and some simple shoes.

Click image to buy $14.99

Disclaimer: I received the items above for free to review. However, I never share a product or service I haven’t tried and believe is good in my opinion.

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16 thoughts on “Spring Outfit

  1. yessss finally winter is over in europe!! can’t wait for really warm temperatures and start wearing spring clothes again!
    totally love this adorable dress on you! you look so stunning

  2. Stripes and denim = my favourite combo! You look great in this dress babe, super chic for this spring season! Need to get similar one 🙂

  3. That striped dress is perfect for spring! I love how the stripes are bigger in width. It pairs so well with the denim button up. Hope you get to travel lots this year!

  4. What a fabulous look for spring time !
    Stripes are in no matter what
    They are also very flattering
    I think everyone needs a good striped dress in their wardrobe

  5. That’s such a nice outfit! I love the stripes and denim combo, I used to dress a lot like this when I was pregnant with my second baby, so comfortable!!

  6. The dress is very pretty and perfect to welcome the spring and the warm weather in it. We did have a harsh winter here in the UK and it still it’s cold. Hopefully the temperatures will raise soon enough.

  7. I really like this look. It’s comfy and it’s perfect for the weather. I love the way you styled the dress too, with that denim jacket.

  8. What a beautiful look! I’m loving the carefree stripes .. and a denim shirt over anything is fantastic. The whole thing makes me happy and reminds me of spring. Nicely done!

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