Simple Chic Look

Hey lovely ones  I’m happy because 2017  looks so bright. I love this simple chic look  but first you need to know that I met an awesome fashion photographer Check him out on instagram as @fernando_pedro_salgado

I have a less than $10 t-shirt on you guys This is when your account reads sick and you just want to look good. As I always say, It’s not about how expensive the outfit is.

Outfit details

T-Shirt – Newyorkeronline

Shorts – Zara on repeat

Shoes are from

Handbag from is a special camera bag from you’re not a fan of K’IARA, you can have a look at more styles on or check their instagram on @i.styledesignwork

My shoes giving you life
You can completely lock the middle part of this bag


I love you for checking 

Disclaimer: I received the above items for free to review. However, I only share what I have personally tried and believe is best in my opinion.


11 thoughts on “Simple Chic Look

  1. I don’t even have a camera bag at the moment! (But I do have a camera 😉 ). I usually just have it in my backpack But. I really like the bag! The color is amazing. Love that shade of blue. Maybe I should consider a camera bag!

  2. Looks really lovely! My camera is a bit bigger than yours and requires a lot of space, but I haven’t been able to find a proper camera bag that I like, so I wear it mostly in my backpacks 😀

  3. Wow this is so cool. I love how the bag looks just like a cute fashion bag. Just looking at it, you would never know that it’s a camera bag. I also love the color.

  4. Why settle for a dull looking camera bag when you can own one of these! I love the style and it doesn’t even look like a camera bag! Perfect for fashion bloggers as well.

  5. Oh I love this look. The shorts are my favorite then the handbag. This style is something I would try

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