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Hello again fashion lovers.  In a world where we have millions of bloggers. Readers are being over-fed with information and pictures, it’s so easy to drown into the box called “Just another blogger” if we think we are too good to work with each other. That’s why I started this mission (that might be impossible) of always inviting bloggers for an outfit collaboration. Kenyan fashion bloggers are a bit tight when it comes to working together and lifting each other up. So most of the time I send a collaboration invitation and receive extreme silence as a reply…hahaha  but me being me, I keep pushing for the same sh*t every month.

This will be done monthly. If I fail to bring Kenyan fashion bloggers together, I’ll move to the next step but I’ll say “At least I tried” Everything in this life is a trial…. right?

The second edition was a preppy look. Check out how each of us decided to style the preppy look.

Elle Okumu of Styled her pinstriped pants with lovely doll shoes. I’m personally in love with the top and the belt and how she managed to style it well with the pinstriped pants
Aimies Warinda of Went all out with the black and white look. I love the shoes. Aimie is famous for designing and making 99% of everything she wears. I love her style.

I went with a typical preppy long socks look. I still can’t get over my skirt 🙂 If I told you that I wore the shoes I have on every working day for 3 months would you believe me? Yes that’s how strong the shoes are. H&M made me proud this time. My little coat and socks are also from H&M. Skirt is Zara and Top is from Reservedbrand.

Disclaimer: I received the items below for free to review. However, I never share a product or service I haven’t tried and believe is good in my opinion.

Skirt from
Shoes Socks and Coat from H&
Top from


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2 thoughts on “Preppy Outfit collaboration

  1. I love Elle’s belt. Her look is so vintage. Absolutely beautiful. Though I would have thrown in some heels to elevate the look even more. Aimie’s look is absolutely gorgeous, you can never go wrong in black and white. I love the fact that she went for white shorts , because white pants would have been too much. Plus her gorgeous legs allows her to getaway with this look. Absolutely love her look. I would wear everything you are wearing. grey and black is one of my favourite combinations, absolutely gorgeous. I am in for the next collaboration. Let me know.x

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