How to spend 48hrs in Nairobi, Kenya

You want to know how to spend 48hrs in Nairobi, Kenya? Karibu Nyumbani(Welcome Home). You’re going to have the time of your life if you manage to squeeze in the activities I’ll suggest in your program.

Let’s jump straight into it 🙂

  1. Transport – I only use taxis on my trips if the public transport within that city is messed up. YOU NEED A TAXI FROM THE AIRPORT TO YOUR DESTINATION IF YOU’RE VISITING NAIROBI. Please don’t go through the pain of trying to connect by public transport from the airport to your destination in Nairobi. I did it twice and it was a nightmare plus a waste of time.
  2. Coffee/Tea – This is something you MUST try in Kenya if you are a coffee/tea lover. Grab your Tea/Coffee from one of the Java houses or simply just visit a local and ask for Chai/Kahawa. 
  3. Maasai Mara 12-15hrs tour Maasai Mara Half a day tour
  4. Mini Safari time –  If you don’t have 12hrs to spare for Maasai mara, Kenya has a National park in the capital city so be sure to visit Nairobi National Park.
  5. Karen Blixen Visit Karen Blixen Museum
  6. Kibera Slums Tour – This is one of the largest slums in Africa which is a must visit when in Nairobi. You will gain a deeper understanding of Kenyan life and culture outside of the typical tourist glitz and glam. This should cost you about $75 including hotel pickup and drop-off on  Kibera slums guided tour 
  7. Bomas of Kenya Cultural tour – You have to experience the exciting traditional dances, and acrobatic show is a much-loved attraction at Bomas of Kenya they have a perfect display of mud huts and traditional Kenyan homesteads. This will cost you between $80-$150 including pickup and drop-off. You can book on Bomas of Kenya tour
  8.  David Sheldrick Elephant Orphaned and Giraffe center Elephant Orphanage and Giraffe center
  9. Carnivore Restaurant Game Meat Dinner – Expect meats such as turkey, crocodile, leg of lamb, chicken yakitori, ostrich, and more as the waiters walk by, serving you until you raise a flag showing “you quit” haha. This will cost you approximately $125 including hotel pickup and drop-off on Eat at Carnivore Restaurant 
  10. Bars and Nightclubs – You must visit our nightclubs. Depending on your preference, either partying with the locals or mingling with other travellers, I’m going to Kenya in a month and I promise to hand pick the best and latest nightclubs for you.

Anything you think I might have left out? Are you a local and feel like I didn’t include some cool spots? Leave a comment below to help our readers.

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15 thoughts on “How to spend 48hrs in Nairobi, Kenya

  1. Me and my husband love nature and wildlife, and Masai Mara has been on our bucket list for a while. Your guide is really helpful and we will make sure to check out other places you have suggested too if we ever plan a trip 🙂

  2. I do love all of the different things you presented here, especially the safari. I would hate to miss that. Although I am very curious about what they would do with a slums tour. I do love learning about the people I am visiting and I suppose you do get something more real there than anywhere else.

  3. Hahahahahahaha! You tried using public transport from the airport, why would you do that though? I swear you made my day, I laughed so hard! I love this travel guide, it outlines all the amazing things we got going on in Kenya!

  4. My goodness, what a list of things to do in Kenya. If my husband and I are ever lucky enough to go, you can bet we’ll take a mini safari (for him) and visit local coffee/tea shops (for her). x

  5. Oh wow I would love to do a Safari at some point. I sometimes prefer only having a short amount of time to spend in places as you can manage to fit so much in. The tea sounds lovely!

    Ami xxx

  6. Kenya looks and sounds like an amazing place to visit. I think I’d spend the majority of my time at the safari. That’s something I’d really enjoy. Great tips for those travelling here

  7. I would absolutely love to visit Kenya one day, I never knew what I wanted todo when i was there but now I have a much better idea of the options!

  8. My dad is from mombassa so I have always wanted to go to Kenya! I love all the animals and the culture is just so beautiful! The best festival seems very interesting

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