Greek Island Tour

Let’s go on a Greek Island Tour. Today we’ll cover Hydra, Poros, and Aegina

When I first visited Greece, I only went to Athens. My friends comment on hearing I was in Athens was “You were never in Greece, Athens doesn’t do the beautiful Greece any justice” I didn’t entirely agree with him because of the beauty of Athens but I decided to take another trip to exclusively visit the less busy islands. I must admit that he was right

I’ll dive into the first island.

HYDRA – This is goes straight into the list of the best places I’ve visited.

How do I get there? Fly to Athens, transfer from the airport by taxi, bus, train, or your hired car to Piraeus sea port. Take Hellenic seaway hydrofoil (dolphin or cat) from Piraeus to Hydra.

Facts about HYDRA

  1. Motorized vehicles are banned here so you better get familiar with riding a mule or a horse if you can’t walk. You can also use a sea taxi.
  2. The island attracts a lot of artists and art money
  3. Beaches on the island are small coves with beautiful crystal water

POROS – It has a beautiful scenic view of ferries, cruise-ships, sailboats, passenger ships, and water taxis. Having visited Venice just a few days before heading here, I would say that it gave me some Venice vibe. The island is home to lot’s of cafes and small gift shops.

How do I get there? Getting to Poros is very easy. Flying Dolphins and ferries leave Athens every few hours from Athens.

Things to love in POROS 

  1. It’s very close to Athens which means you don’t have to plan way ahead before leaving the busy Athens
  2. The Island lightens up a lot on weekends because of it’s popular summer resort to both Greeks and foreigners.
  3. You are guaranteed to have a meal while watching people come and go in their yachts, ferries, or boats. I also noticed several bakeries close to the ferries where you can get a quick meal for under 2 euros.
  4. It’s less than an hour from Pireaus, where you can make ferry connections

AEGINA– If you find yourself on a short visit to Greece, Don’t be stuck in Athens. Aegina can be reached in an hour or less and it offers beautiful beaches, the best seafood stops and a lot more.

How do I get there? You have an option of taking the ferry or the Flying Dolphin(hydrafoil). Take a ferry if you have time because you get a good relaxed trip. The Flying Dolphin literally flies. Watch the video on my youtube channel to get an idea of what the flying dolphin is about.

Why visit?

  1. If you want to see Athens but not stay in Athens, this is the place for you because you can get to the city in an hour or less
  2. You get to see the mansion that hosted the first government of Greece under the leadership of Ioannis Kapodistrias
  3. Aegina has a good number of  beaches you can reach by car or public bus and several that you can walk to from the town

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8 thoughts on “Greek Island Tour

  1. Well, there is indeed so much more to Greece than Athens. On our trip, we could do Hydra, Poros or Aegina; we clubbed in Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, Delphi, and Meteora. I guess we’ll have to plan another trip to cover these beautiful places you mentioned. 🙂

  2. An island that doesn’t let cars on? Coming from DC where you can get run over easy, I am all for this. Look at that beautiful place! I would go there anytime.

  3. I have been to Greece a couple of times before but never to these islands! Or ever heard of them so thank you for sharing! They are beautiful! I am lucky having a sister in law from Greece and we get to eat very often delicious greek cuisine!

  4. Greece is one of my favourite holiday destinations. I love turtle island have you been? great post and pictures look great – just capturing right place. I definitelywill be BACK.

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