Last summer stripes

Hey fashion lovers 😉. I’m getting back in the game so how about a warm “welcome back” from you to me ❤️. Thanks to everyone who has been checking on me during this big break and thanks to my wild Instagram, twitter, lookbook, Pinterest, and Stumbleupon followers Friends. We’ll talk about […]

2017 Spring Outfit

Do you have your 2017 spring outfit ready? I’m still sprung by my collarless coat. This time I gave it a different look. Help me celebrate having landed a long-term collaboration with one of my favourite brands which I’ll disclose soon. Stay tuned for awesome items from them. Let’s once again introduce […]

Simple Chic Look

Hey lovely ones  I’m happy because 2017  looks so bright. I love this simple chic look  but first you need to know that I met an awesome fashion photographer Check him out on instagram as @fernando_pedro_salgado I have a less than $10 t-shirt on you guys This is when your account […]

Spring Outfit

Don’t you just love it when the weather is beautiful 😃 This is the first time I spent the whole winter in Europe. I always find a reason to run away right before winter. This time I had to stay and work my ass off for the next trip (yup […]

Styling bud skirt

Happy new week Style lovers. It’s end of February already. If you have 2017 resolutions, you better check your progress because the clock is ticking .  How do you prefer styling your Bud skirt? If you want to see how else I styled it, check the Bud midi skirt. Today I’m on […]