T-Shirt Outfit

Hello again fashion and travel lovers. It’s been a T-Shirt Outfit kind of month for me. I’m wearing T-shirts to the office from Monday to Friday, T-shirts to bed, T-shirts to the shop, T-shirts everywhere so I decided to Chic up my T-Shirt Outfit madness with some nice printed ones. […]

Last summer stripes

Hey fashion lovers ūüėČ. I’m getting back in the game so how about a warm “welcome back” from you to me ‚̧ԳŹ.¬†Thanks to everyone who has been checking on me during this big break and thanks to my wild Instagram, twitter, lookbook, Pinterest, and Stumbleupon followers Friends. We’ll talk about […]

Greek Island Tour

Let’s go on a Greek Island Tour.¬†Today we’ll cover¬†Hydra, Poros, and Aegina When I first visited Greece, I only went to Athens. My friends comment on hearing I was in Athens was “You were never in Greece, Athens doesn’t do the beautiful Greece any justice” I didn’t entirely agree with […]

2017 Spring Outfit

Do you have your 2017 spring outfit ready? I’m still sprung by my collarless coat. This time I gave it a different look. Help me celebrate having¬†landed a long-term collaboration with one of my favourite brands which I’ll disclose soon. Stay tuned for¬†awesome items from them. Let’s once again introduce […]

Simple Chic Look

Hey lovely ones¬†¬†I’m happy because 2017 ¬†looks so bright. I love this simple chic look ¬†but first you need to know that I met an awesome fashion photographer Check him out on instagram as @fernando_pedro_salgado I have a less than $10 t-shirt on you guys This is when your account […]

Preppy Outfit collaboration

Hello again fashion lovers. ¬†In a world where we have millions of bloggers. Readers are being over-fed with information and pictures, it’s so easy to drown into the box called “Just another blogger” if we think we are too good to work with each other. That’s why I started this […]